Is Your Land Trust Ready to Protect Water?

Webinar Date
May 23, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EDT
Land Trust Alliance
Leslie Ratley-Beach (Land Trust Alliance), Cheryl Cufre, Sarah Parmar (Colorado Open Lands)
About This Webinar

Land trust staff and board members across the country are working with water in all quantities and qualities. Is your land trust ready to protect water using easements or other legal tools? Leslie Ratley Beach from the Land Trust Alliance will present key concepts and relevant legal information your land trust must understand before committing to steward either water quantity or quality in perpetuity. Cheryl Cufre and Sarah Parmar of Colorado Open Lands discuss how they got their board “All-Aboard” on protecting water and funding stewardship, while emphasizing the importance of strategic planning and internal communication. Attendees will be guided to reflect on what they have learned to assess their organization’s readiness to protect water. Here’s a look at the topics we will cover:

  • ​Differences between surface, ground, water quality and quantity.

  • ​Water protection and stewardship traps identified by Terrafirma.

  • ​An overview of the broad and high level regional legal distinctions for water.

  • ​Importance of knowing local water regulators and experts.

  • ​One land trust’s strategic approach to building staff expertise and board support specifically to protect water.

  • ​The importance of communication and cooperation between Acquisition and Stewardship in protecting and stewarding water.

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