Beyond Easements and Fee Title: Protecting Water Quality

Webinar Date
June 25, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EDT
Land Trust Alliance
Tom Austin, John Girault, Twan Leenders, Carol Markham, Abi Locatis Prochaska
About This Webinar

Clean water is essential for drinking, recreational use, fishing and aquaculture, and sustaining aquatic plants and animals. Your land trust is likely protecting water quality through your land protection work, however, conservation easements and acquiring fee simple property aren’t always the best or only strategies to use. Land trusts with flexibility, expertise and ability to match different strategies with the water quality challenges in their areas are making a big difference, and this webinar showcases two such organizations.

Tom Austin, land protection specialist, and John Girault, executive director of the Edisto Island Open Land Trust will present their journey to creating and sustaining a coastal Septic System Improvement Program to provide rural homeowners with the information and financial assistance they need to manage their wastewater. Twan Leenders, director of conservation, and Carol Markham, conservationist, of Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy will highlight several strategies their organization has embraced, ranging from their popular LakeScapes program that informs and empowers mostly private landowners, to providing technical and project management expertise for county and municipal stream restoration, aquatic invasive species early detection, and landscape-level conservation planning projects. Abi Locatis Prochaska, online training manager at the Land Trust Alliance, will also share her perspective as a former water quality educator on the importance of matching strategy to problems. 

Land trust staff, board members and volunteers from organizations interested in or already protecting water quality will want to join. Here’s a look at what we will cover:

• Brief overview of water quality definitions, and of the federal, state and local framework for water quality regulation. 

• Success stories, along with challenges and lessons learned, from two land trusts that matched water quality protection and improvement strategies to the problems faced in their areas. 

  • Leveraging your organizations’ expertise and relationships. 

  • Ideas for funding your water quality work.

  • Alliance resources to support water quality protection efforts.

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