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People in New York State have a long tradition of connection with the land and a long history of conservation. Over 90 land trusts work in New York, preserving farmland, forests, rivers, mountains, lakes, trails, gardens, parks and preserves.  Land trusts work in every region of New York: from Chautauqua County in the west all the way east to Fisher’s Island and from the northern Adirondacks south to New York City.  The lands they protect are essential as our climate changes and provide fresh food, clean water and air, wildlife habitat and opportunities for recreation and tourism.

Thanks to the dedication of these land trusts’ staff, board members and volunteers, New York stands out as a national leader in land conservation. According to the most recent land trust census, as of 2020, New York land trusts have protected over 1.9M acres.

Yet, New York’s landscapes remain vulnerable. Rising land prices are intensifying development pressure. At the same time, pollution and climate change threaten to disrupt natural systems. Changes in political support could undermine land trusts’ work, even as they strive to respond to these challenges. The Alliance’s New York program aims to strengthen land trusts so they can continue protecting the legacy of the land in New York. This work is centered in a service center model with the support and guidance of the New York Advisory Board.


The Alliance plays a unique and important role in New York, as the service center for the land trust community. Guided by the New York Advisory Council the New York program provides grant funding, supports accreditation efforts, offers training and advocates for state-level policies that support land conservation.

If your organization is based in New York, our New York Field Staff is your first point of contact for all things that the Land Trust Alliance provides. We are here to support you by answering questions, providing solutions and responding to your needs. Please reach out any time!

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