Approximately 260 Alliance member land trusts work in the Western region and have protected over 32 million acres. Land trusts in the West have a strong track record of working together to address big challenges and opportunities, such as climate resilience and community-centered conservation. Federal policy, including conservation funding and tax incentives, is a high priority for land trusts in the West, particularly in rural areas without local funding.

The Alliance collaborates with seven state associations in the region and a number of landscape-level initiatives and peer networks.


If your organization is based in the West, our Western field staff is your first point of contact.

Land trusts can reach out to us for assistance with the following topics: organizational development, succession planning, risk management, best practices, Standards and Practices assessment and implementation, leadership development, peer exchanges, trainings, mentoring, board development, partnership development, community-centered conservation, climate change solutions and helping land trusts to improve their practices to better protect the local places people need and love.

We are here to support you by answering questions, providing solutions and responding to your needs. Please reach out any time!

    Brad Paymar

    Western Division Director of Field Programs

    Marcie Demmy Bidwell

    Southwest Program Manager (Texas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska)

    Bob Neale

    California Senior Program Manager

    Sean Roome

    Western Program Coordinator

    Terry Hendrick

    Western Program Coordinator

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