Glaciers left an indelible mark on the Midwest, carving out some of the most diverse landscapes on earth. From the Ohio River Valley and the majestic Great Lakes to the mighty Mississippi River, land trusts are protecting the places that make this region special. In rural and urban communities across eight states, 135 local and regional land trust members are safeguarding critical water resources, hardwood forests, prairies, oak savannahs, wetlands, fertile farmland, culturally important sites, deeply carved river valleys of the Driftless Area (where the glaciers didn’t reach during the last Ice Age), trails and the rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater that Midwesterners depend on for fresh drinking water and places to recreate.


If your organization is based in the Midwest, our Midwest field staff is your first point of contact.

Land trusts can reach out to us for assistance with the following topics: organizational development, succession planning, risk management, best practices, Standards and Practices assessment and implementation, leadership development, peer exchanges, trainings, mentoring, board development, partnership development, community-centered conservation, climate change solutions and helping land trusts to improve their practices to better protect the local places people need and love.

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