Raise more money to save more land. 

A stable funding base, predictable income and opportunities to raise sustainable sources of funding for land protection projects and perpetual stewardship are components of a successful land conservation organization, whatever its size. However, reaching a stable financial base can be challenging. Land trusts must know how it can be done effectively and ethically to ensure that they create a positive partnership with every donor, every time.  

There are a hundred things an organization can do to raise money, but fewer that might make sense for a given land trust at any given time. Effective fundraising must be driven by a thoughtful, central strategy, one that will differ from organization to organization and from year to year. With many opportunities for securing financial support, it is essential that a land trust develop a variety of sources of charitable and other income streams to ensure sustainable organizational funding. These include individual contributions, foundation grants, government awards, corporate sponsorships, planned giving options, investment income, fees for the services you provide and more.  

The resources and tools below provide guidance and strategies for how land trusts can raise more money, whether you’re a fundraising professional, an executive director, volunteer or a board member. 

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