Tackling the climate crisis. 

Climate change has serious implications for people and nature.  By accelerating climate smart strategic land conservation, America's land trusts can inspire natural resources stewardship and protection in ways that help prepare for and lessen current and future impacts.  Armed with climate science, they can identify and protect the land that best preserves biodiversity, wildlife habitat, migration corridors, and vital ecosystem services. By implementing natural climate solutions— a myriad conservation, restoration, and improved land management actions that increase carbon storage and/or avoid greenhouse gas emissions — they can draw down carbon and help stabilize the climate while improving soil productivity, cleaning our air and water, and protecting wildlife habitat. With tested communications techniques that start from observed local changes and respect local values, land trusts can start productive local dialogues. And with their detailed knowledge of local landscapes, land trusts can contribute to the least disruptive siting of renewable energy infrastructure. 

Because climate change is already occurring, land trusts must respond to its current and projected impacts. This means rethinking their approach to land conservation. The Land Trust Alliance has created and curated tools and resources to help you understand how climate change will impact your region, and what actions you can take to prepare and be part of the solution.   

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