Building deep and wide support for conservation.

What do you want to see happen? Whatever your vision, to achieve it, you’re going to need people on your side. People who love the land. Who act. Who give. Who vote. And to engage with people, you need to communicate.

There is increasing pressure to convert land, and land trusts need to get more supporters to meet these growing threats. That’s why when we think strategically about our goals, we come to this conclusion: We need to connect with more people. That puts communications at the core of our work.

At a land trust, connecting with people is everyone’s job.

Communication skills includes

  • Telling a story

  • Managing websites

  • Media relations

  • Brand management

  • Video and media creation

  • Social media

  • Graphic design

  • Print material

  • Messaging

And you can use Land Trust Alliance resources and tools below to get better at any of them. 

Programs & initiatives

Relevant Standards & Practices

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Resources for Communications