The Southeast encompasses landscapes as richly diverse as its people and culture — coastlines and marshes, islands and bayous, rivers and farmland, mountains and gorges. Nearly 100 land trusts within 10 states and two territories are dedicated to protecting these special places that provide wildlife habitats, fertile farm country, working forests, historic and cultural sites, biodiversity hotspots and exceptional scenic beauty.


If your organization is based in the Southeast, our Southeast field staff is your first point of contact.

Land trusts can reach out to us for assistance with the following topics: organizational development, succession planning, risk management, best practices, Standards and Practices assessment and implementation, leadership development, peer exchanges, trainings, mentoring, board development, partnership development, community-centered conservation, climate change solutions and helping land trusts to improve their practices to better protect the local places people need and love.

We are here to support you by answering questions, providing solutions and responding to your needs. Please reach out any time!

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