What do we look for in Gaining Ground stories?

  • How land trusts provide better quality of life, stronger communities and a healthier planet by working to keep our open spaces open. 

  • How land trusts improve our physical and mental health.

  • How land trusts protect essential habitats for plants and animals.

  • How land trusts ensure that all Americans, regardless of race, culture, income or ability, have access to the benefits of nature.

  • How land trusts can reduce the impacts of climate change.

  • What events land trusts are hosting for their communities.

What will we do with this information?

After we review your submission, we will reach out to you and discuss which media channels we think your story is best suited for, such as promoting over our social media accounts, featuring it on our blog or as part of our Gaining Ground email campaign.

Examples of previously posted land trust stories

Submit your story

If you'd like to submit more than four photos, please contact communications@lta.org.