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On the Path to Equity

Posted January 5, 2023
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Resource Media is a nonprofit communications firm working to support social change. It started in 1998 with a focus on conservation campaigns and came to realize that “conservation causes are stronger when considered as part of a broader tapestry of issues.” Today, the firm focuses its work on increasing access to health, equity, justice and sustainability. Resource Media has partnered with many land trusts and environmental organizations over the years.

“On the Path to Equity” is Resource Media’s account of the organization’s ongoing journey toward equity and inclusivity. The document shares interesting insights about how to make work culture more welcoming to people with marginalized identities, how creating a staff equity committee allowed Resource Media to make changes from the ground up, and how the firm now brings equity into its work in the field of nonprofit communications. The firm’s story can be useful for all nonprofits on a similar path.