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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework and Resources for Change

Posted November 6, 2023
Land Trust Alliance
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About This Toolkit

This tool will help you organize your learning and grow critical Diversity, Equity and Inclusion competencies, no matter where you are in your learning journey. Whether you need to take the necessary first steps, deepen your current efforts or accelerate progress, you will find a flexible, adaptable roadmap you can tailor to your personal and organizational needs. It is designed to help foster your continuous growth in DEI and to help you incorporate its lessons to enhance your conservation work.

The Framework authors carefully selected many excellent resources that are especially relevant to help land trusts prepare for, develop and maintain strong relationships with new partners. As you use the Framework, we hope that you will share your feedback so the Land Trust Alliance can incorporate your experiences into future training and resources, including the Framework itself.

There are three interrelated components to the Framework called “Journeys” that can guide you through your learning: Individual, Internal to the Organization and External to the Organization. These Journeys mirror the scales at which you can work to effect DEI change.

Systemic change starts with you: the individual user who is making time to learn, grow and act toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive land conservation future. Competencies at the Individual Journey scale support more effective learning and action at the Internal to the Organization Journey scale. Similarly, organizations who have done Internal to the Organization DEI work are better prepared for success at the External to the Organization Journey scale.

This complimentary resource is made possible through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service as well as funding from an anonymous foundation.

The Land Trust Alliance is an equal opportunity provider.