Transforming Your Organizational Culture

Webinar Date
February 23, 2022
Land Trust Alliance
90 minutes
About This Webinar

What is the culture of your land trust? A well-defined and healthy culture can help you attract and retain employees, volunteers and board members. On the other hand, a toxic culture can create dysfunction and make it harder to do the work of saving land. Culture is present and powerful whether we acknowledge and mold it or not. You have a choice. You either get the culture you want or you get the culture you get. Join Jim Morris, an expert in organization communications, to learn how to intentionally create the culture that your land trust deserves.

Here's what we will cover:

  • Understanding culture and how it shows up in organizations

  • Organizational readiness to begin this work

  • How to get a picture of your current culture

  • How to engage staff in defining the desired culture

  • Creating a culture compact