Trails for Everyone: Planning Inclusive Trails

Webinar Date
January 19, 2022
Land Trust Alliance
90 minutes
About This Webinar

People often say that getting outdoors is now one of their favorite activities. However, many people interested in nature and the outdoors face limits when they try to do just that. Unfamiliarity with the outdoors, poor fitness, health or disabilities, do not necessarily eliminate a person’s desire for outdoor experiences, just as one’s economic or cultural background do not. We all deserve access when it comes to experiencing nature, so how can land trusts develop trails that seek to meet the widest range of needs for their community while at the same time protect a property’s conservation values? Join Larry Knutson and Sarah Walter, from Penn Trails LLC, co-authors of Trails for All People: Guidance for Accessibility and Inclusive Design (2021) as they lay out strategies land trusts can use to make their trails more universally accessible. Providing examples of successful projects, this webinar is a must for land trusts who want to ensure their trails are welcoming and accessible to all.

Here’s a look at what we will cover:

  • Considerations to keep in mind when planning and managing trails

  • The principles of Universal Design and how they can be applied to trails

  • The importance of considering accessible design parameters for one or more of your trails

Penn Trails LLC, a cloud-based Pennsylvania company, works nationwide with public and non-profit landowners to provide trail planning, design and construction focusing on universal design and support for diverse groups of people, often in environmentally sensitive or challenging locations.