Strategic Conservation Planning in a Changing Climate Recording

Webinar Date
March 2, 2022
Land Trust Alliance
Light rainbow over water and trees, surrounded by a browning field
About This Webinar

Natural lands have an important role to play in responding to climate change; these lands can help both human and ecological communities adapt to future conditions and can help to store and sequester carbon. It may be challenging for land trusts to know where to focus their efforts or how to get started with strategic climate change planning. In this webinar, climate experts Danielle Shannon and Kristen Schmitt, Northern Forests Climate Hub, will discuss climate change planning, with a particular focus on the benefits of clearly articulated values and conservation goals. This session will include activities and discussion to help participants think about their own organizational priorities and how those might be impacted by climate change.

How will this webinar benefit you? You will:

· learn how to set your organization up for success in climate change planning by clearly defining organizational values and goals;

· understand how setting clear goals can play an important role in climate-informed stewardship and land acquisition planning; and

· understand how other land trusts have approached strategic conservation planning while considering a changing climate.