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A Quick Guide to Adaptation Planning for Land Trusts

Posted November 3, 2022
Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, Land Trust Alliance
Maria Janowiak, Danielle Shannon, Kristen Schmitt, Madeline Baroli, Leslie Brandt, Stephen Handler, Patricia Butler-Leopold, Todd Ontl, Courtney Peterson, Annamarie Rutledge, Chris Swanston
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This document was created by the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science in collaboration with the Land Trust Alliance. This Quick Guide was developed specifically to support land trusts and serve as a steppingstone for the process of adaptation planning. Information from this toolkit was adapted from the USDA Forest Service report Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers, 2nd edition. This Quick Guide includes an updated "Short Version" of the Adaptation Workbook that was originally described in the Forest Adaptation Resources (Appendix 4).