This learning path will provide you with an overview of your duty as a land trust board member with suggestions for going deeper on key issues.

A nonprofit corporation’s board of directors has the ultimate responsibility for its operations and fiscal management. Board responsibilities include oversight of finances, fundraising, administration, programs, long-range planning, staff and volunteers and public relations. The board sets the mission and strategic direction of the organization and establishes the governing policies that guide its work.

Land trust work is complex and requires a diverse body of knowledge. As a board member, you do not need to be an expert in all areas. You will find that you are drawn to certain aspects of the work and will want to drill down deep into that area. In other areas having a baseline knowledge is sufficient to be a responsible board member.

If you are responsible for implementing land trust policies/procedures, conducting transactions or stewardship – effectively functioning as a staff person – please see the Finance, Organizational Management, Transactions, and Stewardship learning paths.


Strategic direction and community engagement

Financial oversight

Build your best board

Board practices

Fiscal health

Human resources



Preparing for accreditation