Risk management helps land trusts plan for and cope with uncertainty.

Land trusts must exercise care in determining how they will steward the land they conserve, while also ensuring the proper use and protection of financial, human and other assets essential to advance the mission of the land trust. The discipline of risk management offers principles, tools, frameworks and strategies that land trust board members and staff can employ to fulfill their responsibilities.

Embracing risk management as a discipline to protect the land trust’s assets involves:

  • Understanding basic risk management terms and concepts.

  • Learning to recognize and evaluate the special risks that arise as a result of land trusts’ work.

  • Recognizing the potential risk management roles of land trust personnel.

  • Formulating practical risk management plans and strategies suited to a land trust’s circumstances, current operations and long-term goals.

Explore the information, resources and suggested strategies for designing and implementing a practical risk management program presented here. It’s important to recognize that there are many methods and approaches to understanding and managing risk. The approach best suited to one organization may be impractical, inappropriate or ineffective in another.

Risk management programs and initiatives

The Land Trust Alliance offers our members access to programs and initiatives to help your organization manage its risk.

2024 Terrafirma risk management credit

If you are looking for the Terrafirma risk management credit for 2024, or if you want to start managing your organization’s risk, but you’re not sure where to start, you have many free resources available!

If your land trust is a Terrafirma member, your organization will receive the Terrafirma risk management discount for the 2023 policy year for completing one of these activities.

  • Risk Management Webinars: You can attend one of four Risk Management webinars, happening Nov. 2023 through Jan. 2024. See them all and register below.

  • Complete the risk management planner: When you have the time, you can complete this quick fun course that lets you customize a risk plan for your land trust.

  • 2023 Risk Summit: Attending this year’s Nonprofit Risk Management Center's Risk Summit.

  • Rally 2023 workshops: Attending one of the qualifying risk management workshops at Rally 2023.

Featured resources

Resources for Risk management