Taking the Plunge: Guidance and Inspiration to Help Land Trusts Protect and Restore Water Quality

Posted September 27, 2022
Land Trust Alliance
Book cover with a background photo with an aerial view of a river
About This Publication

This resource is available at no cost thanks to the generous support of the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network.

The guide focuses on two active geographies as models of where land protection and water quality are highly integrated pursuits: the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and the Great Lakes Basin. However, we expect that this guide will be useful to land trusts large and small throughout the United States. The Land Trust Alliance welcomes ongoing dialogue about how to advance land conservation and water quality protection together.

This guide is a product of the Chesapeake Land and Water Initiative. The CLWI was created in 2016 and staffed by the Land Trust Alliance with support and partnership of the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network. The CLWI mission is “to deploy an integrated and innovative approach to permanent land protection, stewardship, community engagement, partnerships and public policy that will preserve and enhance water quality” across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.