Stewarding Easements That Have Been Subdivided

Webinar Date
March 5, 2020
Land Trust Alliance
Jesica Blake, Molly Fales, Megan Knott
About This Webinar

Sooner or later it comes to pass: a landowner comes to you (or even worse forgets to tell you!) that they are selling off a parcel of an easement protected property. It’s now time to forge a relationship with the new landowner while simultaneously trying to ensure your data is good. Oh and, by the way, what should you call the new parcel? If you are facing the complex task of stewarding easements that have been subdivided (sometimes even multiple times), this webinar is for you. Join stewardship experts Jesica Blake, North Carolina Coastal Land Trust, and Megan Knott and Molly Fales, Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust, as they discuss stewardship of subdivided easements using grace, grit and good humor.

How will you benefit from this webinar? You will:

  • Learn easy-to-implement strategies for keep tracking of easement information, including naming strategies, both within and without a stewardship database

  • Acquire tips on connecting with new landowners and bringing them close to your land trust

  • Take a dive into the nuances of easement language regarding multiple grantors, tips for amending subdivided easements, and drafting new conservation easement with potential subdivision in mind

  • Learn how to manage relationships with multiple landowners who may or may not get along