Looking to the Land (Forests) - Mitigating Climate Change

Webinar Date
April 2, 2019
Land Trust Alliance
About This Webinar

​​Forests are a critical component of natural climate solutions, comprising more than 90 percent of the U.S. land sector capacity to sequester carbon. At the same time, a changing climate puts forest ecosystems and the carbon they store at risk from a wide variety of stressors. Increasing drought, warming winters, expanding ranges of insect pests and pathogens, and more frequent natural disturbances all create challenges to ensuring that our forests sequester carbon over the long term. Active conservation and stewardship are needed to maintain and enhance the important role of forests in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

In this webinar, recorded April 2, 2019, Todd Ontl and Maria Janowiak of the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (www.niacs.org) shared climate adaptation resources that land trusts and other natural resource professionals can use to reduce risks from a changing climate while helping maintain and enhance forest carbon sinks in an uncertain future. They shared examples of how conservation organizations are providing carbon benefits while also meeting other diverse management goals, including wildlife habitat and sustainable wood products.

How will this webinar benefit you?

· Learn what climate projections can tell you about climate risks to forest carbon stocks and sequestration capacity

· See the range of actions that can help to maintain or increase carbon sequestration while ensuring that forests adapt to the changing climate.

· Understand how different on-the-ground actions can support carbon-related goals while also providing a wide variety of benefits