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Healing Lands and Waters

Posted March 30, 2023
Saving Land magazine, Winter 2018, Land Trust Alliance
Kelly Saxton
About This Saving Land

For veterans who have been injured or who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder as the result of military service, sometimes just getting out in nature can rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. So, when land trusts begin to integrate conservation with programs for veterans who have a disability or are experiencing PTSD, everyone benefits.

Veterans of former and recent conflicts deal with wounds both visible and undetectable to the eye. The battle for these veterans continues after service and often results in withdrawal, depression, anxiety and subsequent financial issues, employment barriers or other difficulties. But healing has begun for many through the growing efforts of land trusts in a collaboration of land and life as land trusts and their conservation partners develop innovative programs for veterans. The results, say organizers, have been truly life affirming and life changing.

Kelly Saxton is a freelance writer and editor who formerly worked for Paralyzed Veterans of America. Writers Edith Pepper Goltra and Elisabeth Ptak also contributed to this article.