Easement Violations

Webinar Date
March 13, 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EDT
Land Trust Alliance
Alice Jones, Ellen Kazary, Martin King
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About This Webinar

​​It happens to all of us: a moment of panic when we encounter a conservation easement violation. Violations can result in complex situations with a variety of factors that influence potential solutions. This scenario-based webinar will discuss how to respond to and evaluate conservation easement violation situations and become comfortable with strategizing outcomes. Ellen Kazary of the accredited Great Land Trust, Alice Jones of Open Land Law and Martin King of Worden Thane will share their expertise.

​Here’s a look at what we will cover:

  • ​Typical violations land trusts encounter.

  • ​Sources of information and resources to consult when responding to violations.

  • ​Important factors that can influence the outcome of violations.

  • ​Transactional and litigation solutions.

​Content provided in this webinar is provided with the understanding that the presenters are not providing legal counsel. If legal advice is needed, the services of competent attorneys should be sought.​

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