Due Diligence Done Right

Webinar Date
January 17, 2023
Land Trust Alliance
Sara Clark
Sun setting over a field with some farm buildings in background.
About This Webinar

A conservation easement is a promise to protect land forever, and forever depends, in part, upon land trust personnel properly completing all the necessary steps in the transaction process. Fee transactions bring up related, but somewhat different concerns. This webinar provides a road map to help you navigate the complex legal, technical and practical matters involved in conservation easement and fee acquisition transactions. Conservation attorney Sara Clark will discuss the essential steps involved in due diligence (title review will be covered in a separate webinar): 

Here’s a look at what we will cover: 

  • Using purchase and sale agreements or other contracts to plan for due diligence.

  • Evaluating land use constraints to determine threats and possibilities 

  • Understanding risk from hazardous materials.

  • Examining IRC §170(h) to ensure the project meets requirements for tax deduction (if a tax deduction is sought). 

  • Understanding the timing and importance of any survey and/or appraisal work. 

  • Determining what records to keep and discard in the context of recordkeeping laws.

As an added bonus, we will also discuss signing the Form 8283 and sending the gift acknowledgment.