Convert Information to Data to Streamline Monitoring

Webinar Date
January 11, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST
Land Trust Alliance
Michael Sonnenfeld
Mountains beyond forest, surrounded by fog
About This Webinar

​​Land trusts hold multiple conservation easements that typically are highly negotiated legal documents, the specific terms of which must be considered in assessing property owners’ compliance with the terms of their easement. To limit risk across a land trust’s portfolio of properties, land trusts should implement procedures to assure that the person monitoring a property has available detailed information about the terms of an easement to assess the landowner’s compliance with the unique terms of the easement. Michael Sonnenfeld, the managing director for Casa Funding, LLC, will cover how land trusts can build a database of detailed information regarding the terms of each of their conservation easements to streamline the monitoring process. ​

This event is part of the Land Trust Alliance and Terrafirma's annual risk management webinar series. If your organization is a Terrafirma member and anyone on your staff or board attends the live webinar, your organization will receive the Terrafirma risk management discount for the 2024 policy year. Watching the recorded version does not qualify for the discount.