Advanced Risk Management: Great Land Trust Case Study

Webinar Date
November 10, 2022, 3:00 p.m. EST
Land Trust Alliance
60 minutes
About This Webinar

Great Land Trust is committed to dedicated stewardship of the land they have conserved. So when they found a major encroachment with serious damage on a conserved property, they knew they had to act. The land trust has Terrafirma coverage, so GLT was equipped with the legal and financial resources they needed to file suit against the third party trespasser and reach a settlement at mediation that allowed them to recoup all legal costs and start restoring the protected property. Join Jonathon Katcher, the attorney who represented Great Land Trust, and Ellen Kazary, executive director at Great Land Trust, for an in-depth discussion of issues, strategy and what a land trust can do to ensure you prevail.