Strategies To Restore Indigenous Access To Land

Webinar Date
February 9, 2022
Land Trust Alliance
90 minutes
About This Webinar

Restoring access and cultural rights to Indigenous tribes is a hugely important endeavor to start correcting wrongs inflicted on the Indigenous community in this country. Join conservation attorneys Ellen Fred and Eileen Chauvet as they discuss the legal and relational aspects of undertaking a land restoration, which can be emotional as well as structurally complex and challenging but can lead to stronger community relationships and enhanced stewardship of land. While this type of conservation work is relatively new and still developing, speakers will provide an overview of some of the transactional structures that are currently manifesting in this space, including a case study where the presenters facilitated the restoration of a village to a tribe in Northern California.

Here's a look at what we will cover:

  • overview of legal options to restore Native Americans’ access to land;

  • innovative strategies for adapting traditional legal real property structures to meet tribal needs;

  • tips on selecting the right strategy; and

  • lessons learned from engaging in these types of transactions,