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Saving Land, Fall 2008 (Vol. 27 No. 4)

Posted 2008
Land Trust Alliance
About This Saving Land

5 From the President

Making history, meeting challenges

6 Conservation News

Land trusts and the economy, reaching the wealthy online, and other news you can use

10 Policy Roundup

Quantifying results of the tax incentive, connecting with legislators, reviewing end of year tax reminders

12 Voiced

Six land trust veterans reflect on what they wish they had known back when they started their jobs

14 Collective Defense

Conservation easements are increasingly under attack across America. The Land Trust Alliance is exploring the feasibility of conservation defense insurance, and we need your help.

18 Celebrating All Things Local

The president of the Land Trust Alliance discusses the state of land trusts today, and makes a call to action for the future.

20 A Little Magic

Protected by the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Arizona captivates our hearts with its vivid desert beauty. And one of its staunchest defenders is named Volunteer of the Year.

24 Breaking New Ground

The inaugural group of 39 accredited land trusts is celebrated, and interviewees describe what their journey was like, and why accreditation is well worth the effort.

28 Board Matters

Collaborating for conservation; Board Member Summit; Board Member Challenge logos

31 Accreditation Corner

Promoting your accredited status

32 Fundraising Wisdom

Raising money through voluntary surcharges

34 Resources & Tools

RallyNet, a dynamic fellowship, free organizational development help, and other good stuff

36 People & Places

Rally wrap-up, a one-of-a-kind community saved, and more

38 Inspired

Connection: Martha Teichner’s heartfelt thanks

Quality of Life: Chuck Leavell describes the good life