• Preserving the Chesapeake Bay and its cultural significance

    By Corey Himrod November 4

    Some incredible environmental and cultural preservation projects are being carried out by land trusts throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

  • Mapping Black history

    By Kirsten Ferguson February 22, 2021

    Historically, accounts of the Chesapeake Bay watershed have too regularly excluded Black voices and narratives. This 400-year omission affects how and where conservation takes place. To begin to right this wrong and tell the full story of local watersheds and landscapes, a major new project is underway to document African American sites in the region.

  • Support of local food systems

    By Kirsten Ferguson May 28, 2020

    As various iconic public lands all over the country closed due to COVID-19, many land trusts experienced increased traffic at their properties — as well as a renewed appreciation for conservation. For the Piedmont Environmental Council in Virginia, that meant increased recognition of the work the accredited land trust has been doing for years, especially in supporting local food systems.