• We can manage the world’s most biodiverse conifer forests for climate resilience

    By Owen Wozniak December 2

    "We need to protect a large network of lands to prevent a dramatic loss of biodiversity, and we need to conserve and restore lands at scale to help mitigate climate change." — Andrew Bowman, Land Trust Alliance President and CEO

  • Protecting the Sagebrush Sea

    By Kelsey Kuhnhausen October 26

    “[We see] unparalleled potential to build a connected, climate-resilient landscape linking more than one million acres of wildlife habitat." — Oregon Desert Land Trust

  • Reclaiming fire: Indigenous-led cultural burning training brings healthy fire back to the land

    By Kelsey Kuhnhausen October 11

    “Because my tribe was displaced from our ancestral lands…we had to reclaim our knowledge of how fire was used by our people and relearn what it means to work with it.” — Jessica Douglas, member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

  • How a map helped create community

    By Kelsey Kuhnhausen August 10, 2021

    This past year, we've yearned for ways to connect with each other and the natural world. In April, the Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts along with our 30 members across the state helped forge new connections by launching The Oregon I Am campaign. It invites people to connect with their favorite Oregon places — including those they have yet to discover.

  • Volunteer opportunities for conservation

    By Kelsey Pramik April 13, 2021

    Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to meet new people, visit beautiful places and give back to your community. Whether you want to get outside and enjoy a hands-on experience at your local preserve or offer your time in a skills-based capacity, there are many ways you can donate your time to support your local land trust.

  • In memoriam: Barry Lopez

    By Joe Moll January 12, 2021

    For over 50 years, writer Barry Lopez made his home in western Oregon, upslope and in line of sight with the McKenzie River. His reflections on nature and people fill a library of notable books, essays, presentations and interviews in precise, attentive language. His stories challenge, inspire and celebrate our world in ways that ignited wonder and commitment for many of us working in conservation.

  • How fire season gave me perspective

    By Owen Wozniak October 21, 2020

    I spent my Labor Day weekend enjoying a riverside campsite on Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon. It was a perfect late-summer weekend with blue skies and just a touch of autumn in the air. But on our final morning, the blue skies disappeared in the unmistakable haze of wildfire smoke.

  • Our many happy places

    By Laura Fagen May 11, 2020

    Across the past couple weeks, we’ve celebrated the beautiful spaces that land trusts are saving in our #MyHappyPlace campaign on social media. We had 12 land trusts take over our Instagram account for the occasion and share some amazing photos and compelling stories that highlight their great work.

  • Why we do the work that we do

    By Kathleen Ackley February 26, 2020

    "Take a deep breath and smell the goodness in the world." That is what I am telling myself as I stand atop the snowy crest of the East Moraine of Oregon's Wallowa Lake. Surrounded by astonishing views of Wallowa Lake, the Eagle Cap Wilderness and Hells Canyon, it's a bit easier to let the stresses of the world slide away, even if just for a moment.