Find a land trust

Land trusts across the country provide programs and activities to get people outside, volunteer and learn about the land.

Volunteer at a land trust

Your unique skills may also be invaluable to a land trust! Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to meet new people, visit beautiful places and give back to your community.

Attend a land trust event

Is your family looking for something fun to do outdoors? Land trusts across the nation have events and activities for all ages so your entire family can get outside!

Conserve your land

Conserving private land is the key to addressing society’s most challenging issues — from habitat loss and the climate crisis to social inequities and rising health problems.

It strengthens local communities and is our nation’s best and perhaps only hope for securing the critical public benefits provided by natural and working lands, such as clean water and air, habitat for plants and animals and healthy, local food.

Support the Land Trust Alliance

With your support, we can all have better lives, stronger communities and a healthier planet by making sure that beautiful, open spaces stay beautiful and open.