We are at a critical moment.

With every acre of land lost to poorly planned development, we diminish our connection to nature, wipe out family farms, destroy valuable wildlife habitats and rob future generations of access to nature.

The challenges facing our planet can seem too big for any one person: wildfire and extreme weather events, polluted air and water, rising seas, fractured communities and habitat loss for plants and animals. But it’s not too late to act now.

Private land conservation

Privately-owned land makes up 60% of the United States, but only 3% of it is protected for conservation. Land trusts work with voluntary private land owners to find the best way to conserve their land forever. Private land conservation is:


Land trust staff, volunteers and supporters are committed to saving the places that make their communities special.


Decisions about protecting piece of private property are landowner-driven. Landowners choose to protect their land for many reasons.


When a land trust protects a special place, it makes a promise that the land will be there — for us, for our children, for their children, forever.