Our lands are disappearing at an alarming rate.

In the United States, we lose roughly 150 acres of natural land and 40 acres of farmland every hour. That amounts to losing more than the entirety of Grand Canyon National Park every year.

Once that land is gone, we can’t get it back.

Learn what's at stake

Private land conservation

Privately-owned land makes up 60% of the United States, but only 3% of it is protected for conservation. Land trusts work with willing private land owners to find the best ways to conserve their land forever.

Private land conservation is focused on three core principles: it's local, it's voluntary and it’s forever.

Nature needs your help.

The challenges facing our planet can seem too big for any one person: wildfires and extreme weather events, polluted air and water, rising seas, fractured communities and habitat loss for plants and animals. Supporting land trusts is one way you can make a difference for the land and people.

Our conservation priorities

The Land Trust Alliance believes that land is essential to addressing the following priorities.