The Land Trust Alliance is the voice of the land trust community. As the national leader in policy, standards, education and training, we work passionately to support land trusts so they can save and secure more land now and for future generations.

The Alliance ensures land trusts have the resources, tools and information they need to increase the rate of land conservation. We defend the land trust community from threats, work to build healthy, high-performing land trusts and elevate land conservation as a priority nationwide.

40 Years of Conservation Success

The Land Trust Alliance, along with the community of land trusts it serves, has grown tremendously over the last 40 years. Together, we have conserved more than 61 million acres. The Alliance is committed to doubling that number by the end of the decade.

Land Trust standards and practices

Setting the standards for private land conservation.

Together with the land trust community, the Alliance has established a set of guidelines for how to run a land trust responsibly: Land Trust Standards and Practices. These guidelines describe how to operate a land trust legally, ethically and in the public interest with a sound program of land transactions and land stewardship.

All Land Trust Alliance member land trusts must adopt the Standards as their guiding principles. The Alliance creates trainings, resources and tools so land trusts can implement the Standards at their organizations.

"I hope you know how much [the Alliance]'s support of our organization has meant over the years ... [the Alliance]'s support has helped Coastal Prairie Conservancy expand its ability to protect more land, engage a broader and more diverse public, and work with community partners"
Mary Anne Piacentini, president & CEO, Coastal Prairie Conservancy
Creating stronger land trusts

Building high-performing land trusts.

The Land Trust Alliance provides opportunities to learn from, connect with and be inspired by conservation leaders. In the last five years, the Alliance has created more than 850 learning and connection opportunities for its members.



conservation practitioners who attended an Alliance conference, training, webinar or peer group event since 2018.



people visited the Alliance's Resource Center, which includes educational tools like online courses, sample documents and more.



land trust leaders who attended a two-year leadership program to learn and plan strategically for their land trusts’ future.

Providing funds for conservation.

The Land Trust Alliance works with local and national partners to provide grants to land trusts, totaling more than $40 million over the last 40 years. These grants provide land trusts the opportunity to build their organizations, protect lands and waters that matter most in the climate crisis and think creatively about how they serve their communities.

  • Awarded more than $5 million to 250 different land trusts so they can prepare to respond to the climate crisis.

  • Provided 1,077 grants totaling more than $25 million over the last 20 years through the New York Conservation Partnership Program.

  • Invested $813,000 to support projects that will accelerate land conservation and stewardship to protect and restore water quality in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Highlighted projects

On-the ground support

The Alliance is a coach and capacity-builder, developing networks, empowering change and growing conservation impact in every corner of the country. Such support ranges in size and scope, from deep investment in an organization’s leadership to simply offering advice or connection.

Altogether, over 40 years, these individual investments of time, energy and caring have added up to profound and often community-wide impacts.

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Faster, better, stronger conservation.

Land trust accreditation is a mark of distinction, showing that a land trust meets high standards for land conservation. Accreditation is a voluntary program administered by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

Accredited land trusts protect more than 81% of all land and easements held by land trusts in America.