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Oregon Desert Land Trust, formed in 2017, is dedicated to protecting wild and working lands in a region spanning more than 10 million acres. We’ve worked with landowners, tribes, land managers, and other partners to acquire and conserve over 20,000 acres of privately-owned land within surrounding public lands and conservation areas. Our lands are managed to sustain healthy habitats, abundant wildlife, and the resource-dependent economies of local communities throughout Oregon’s high desert.

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Land trusts with public trails for guided or individual hikes, walks, biking and more.

Public Access

Land trusts that welcome visitors for activities such as walking, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, birding and more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Land trusts with volunteer opportunities, such as trail maintenance, clean ups, administrative duties, giving tours and more.

Conservation Priorities
Agricultural Land

Land trusts that protect farms and ranches to ensure sustainable food and secure agricultural ways of life.

Wildlife Habitat

Land trusts that protect habitat for plants and animals, such as wildlife corridors, breeding grounds and habitats for endangered species.

Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance powers our nearly 1,000 member land trusts to permanently protect and conserve the land we need and love, ensuring it will be there for today and tomorrow.