• This World Water Day, join the fight for water

    By Andrew Szwak March 22, 2022

    Mark Twain — one of the quintessential voices of American literature — is credited with saying that whiskey is for drinking while water is for fighting. And no wonder. Our country is a vast array of diverse people who live in places where water plays very different, but similarly important, roles in our lives.

  • Water works: Never more important

    By Andrew Szwak January 21, 2022

    Thinking about water can feel overwhelming. Most Americans personally worry “a great deal” about pollution in their drinking water, rivers and lakes.

  • Land trusts support water protection in New York

    By Kristin Martinez September 27, 2021

    Source water protection for public drinking water supplies has quickly become a top priority for New York.

  • Protecting the Great Lakes basin

    By Laura Eklov May 4, 2021

    Land trusts across the country are working diligently and creatively to protect water quality, quantity and equitable water access every day. Land trusts working in the Great Lakes basin are no exception, helping to protect one of the largest sources of fresh water on Earth. Covering 21% of the world’s surface fresh water, there’s a lot at stake.