New York

  • In New York's Hudson Valley, kids can explore nature with their library card

    By Kirsten Ferguson November 16

    Budding naturalists can check out nature in New York’s Hudson Valley with only a library card — and a sense of adventure.

  • New York rallies to join the push for 30x30

    By Marguerite Royo May 18

    In Jan. 2021, President Biden issued an executive order that pledged to conserve at least 30% of lands and waters in the U.S. by 2030. The goal of this 30x30 initiative is to address the climate crisis by safeguarding biodiversity, protecting clean air and water, increasing carbon sequestration, protecting habitats, and promoting greater climate resiliency. Research shows that this is the minimum level of conservation needed to mitigate the worst effects of climate change globally.

  • New York sets the pace for conservation

    By Darci Palmquist May 11

    For nearly 20 years, a New York grant-making program has been quietly funding the work of land trusts across the state. To date the program — called the Conservation Partnership Program — has awarded 1,077 grants totaling more than $25 million to 92 land trusts working in urban, suburban and rural communities in New York.

  • Land trusts reinforce vast Empire State Trail

    By Kirsten Ferguson August 31, 2021

    New York’s extensive Empire State Trail is now complete, thanks in part to the role played by several land trusts. Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans for the nation’s longest multi-use trail in 2017. The 750-mile bicycle and walking trail spans north-to-south and east-to-west, connecting New York City to Canada and Buffalo to Albany. Along the way, it links 20 regional segments to create a continuous statewide route.

  • A bridge to food security

    By Kirsten Ferguson June 2, 2020

    Land access and food security have always been important issues for Kingston Land Trust, but they have emerged as even greater priorities during the pandemic.

  • Our many happy places

    By Laura Fagen May 11, 2020

    Across the past couple weeks, we’ve celebrated the beautiful spaces that land trusts are saving in our #MyHappyPlace campaign on social media. We had 12 land trusts take over our Instagram account for the occasion and share some amazing photos and compelling stories that highlight their great work.

  • Social distancing in the great outdoors

    By Chris Soto March 17, 2020

    As editor of Saving Land, I receive a lot of communications from land trusts — stories, blogs, enewsletters, event announcements — and more. But this message from Wallkill Valley Land Trust in New Paltz, New York, came at exactly the right time with exactly the right message. It began with a question tying into what's happening in the world right now: