McKenzie River Trust

  • Reclaiming fire: Indigenous-led cultural burning training brings healthy fire back to the land

    By Kelsey Kuhnhausen October 11

    “Because my tribe was displaced from our ancestral lands…we had to reclaim our knowledge of how fire was used by our people and relearn what it means to work with it.” — Jessica Douglas, member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

  • In memoriam: Barry Lopez

    By Joe Moll January 12, 2021

    For over 50 years, writer Barry Lopez made his home in western Oregon, upslope and in line of sight with the McKenzie River. His reflections on nature and people fill a library of notable books, essays, presentations and interviews in precise, attentive language. His stories challenge, inspire and celebrate our world in ways that ignited wonder and commitment for many of us working in conservation.