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    Maine Farmland Trust urges action on "forever" chemicals

    By Kirsten Ferguson October 7

    The accredited Maine Farmland Trust and other groups, in order to support action on “forever” chemicals (or PFAS), established a relief fund to help Maine farmers cover the costs of testing, income loss and mental health support.

  • Family farms and ranches

    A campaign to create local food farms

    By Kirsten Ferguson August 12

    Ten Iowa cities with 10 permanent food farms in 10 years.

  • Family farms and ranches

    Innovative model for agricultural conservation

    By Kirsten Ferguson July 25

    For each American farmer younger than 25, five are older than 75. As farmers consider retirement, many find themselves forced to sell their land to development rather than to a future generation of farmers. This means more land removed from production agriculture.

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    How a land trust helped defend the ranch

    By Lorri Barrett February 4

    Bill and Anne Trabucco loved the idea of living off the grid, somewhere quiet and remote. They’re passionate about farming and were thrilled when they found a place with over 700 acres near the South Yuba River State Park in California.

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    Lending farmers a hand

    By Kirsten Ferguson April 26, 2021

    The closure of farmers markets around Madison, Wisconsin, last spring left some Hmong growers at a disadvantage. As markets moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, growers were left behind if they weren’t proficient in technology or didn’t speak English as a primary language.

  • Family farms and ranches

    It takes a community to save a farm

    By Leslie Volkar April 21, 2021

    In 2017, Colorado Open Lands took attendees of Land Trust Alliance's Rally: The National Land Conservation Conference on a field trip north of Denver to tour a local foods co-operative. Four years later, we've finalized our first conservation easement with Poudre Valley Community Farms. The Dixon Station farm in Wellington, Colorado is now protected under easement.