Tom Springer

Tom Springer is a nature essayist and frequent contributor to Saving Land magazine, the Land Trust Alliance's quarterly magazine.
  • Making 30x30 work

    By Tom Springer January 21

    Land trusts across the country are setting new and bigger goals as part of a global movement to increase the pace of conservation and address challenges such as climate change, loss of habitat and agricultural lands, and to ensure equitable access to the land.

  • Bringing conservation to the playground

    By Tom Springer March 28, 2022

    There’s an expression among conservation professionals that “asphalt is always the last crop.” Once an ecosystem gets plowed under and the very topsoil scraped off and trucked away, that’s true enough.

  • Dampening the flames of climate change

    By Tom Springer March 28, 2022

    On Oct. 14, when the first autumn snow dusted the streets and mountains around Moscow, Idaho, Lovina Englund did more than enjoy the frosty ambience. After months of perilous heat, lingering smoke and anxious days when every kiln-dry tree felt prone to catastrophe, she breathed a deep sigh of relief. The fire season was finally over.