Andrew Szwak

Andrew Szwak is mid-Atlantic program manager at the Land Trust Alliance.
  • Protecting land and the water that flows from it

    By Andrew Szwak August 9

    August is National Water Quality Month, an opportunity to remind oneself of the essential role water plays in the survival of life on Earth.

  • This World Water Day, join the fight for water

    By Andrew Szwak March 22

    Mark Twain — one of the quintessential voices of American literature — is credited with saying that whiskey is for drinking while water is for fighting. And no wonder. Our country is a vast array of diverse people who live in places where water plays very different, but similarly important, roles in our lives.

  • Healing spaces

    By Andrew Szwak February 16

    A recent article in the Baltimore Sun highlighted how neighborhood green spaces honor local heroes. Former residents that are memorialized with parks in their names include community activists, ambassadors, barrier-breaking politicians and other local luminaries. Many of them are people of color.

  • Water works: Never more important

    By Andrew Szwak January 21

    Thinking about water can feel overwhelming. Most Americans personally worry “a great deal” about pollution in their drinking water, rivers and lakes.