4,700 acres of coastal habitat protected in Texas

Over 4,700 acres of coastal habitat in Texas along Halls Bayou and West Galveston Bay were recently acquired by Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) and will be permanently protected with a conservation easement held by the Katy Prairie Conservancy (both accredited). The newly named Chocolate Bay Preserve includes tidal marshes, freshwater and brackish wetlands and coastal tallgrass prairie.

By Kirsten Ferguson April 18

“This preserve represents the largest conservation project 4,700 Acres of Coastal Habitat Protected in Texas. The newly named 5,000-acre Chocolate Bay Preserve in Texas contains critical coastal habitat for many species of birds, rare plants and marine animals ever completed by GBF, and we are very proud to have preserved this special property. Due to the continued growth of our region, it is more important than ever to conserve large tracts of land like this now to ensure the future health of Galveston Bay,” says Bob Stokes, GBF president.

This project was prioritized for its coastal location and high-quality wildlife and fisheries habitat. The nearly 5,000-acre preserve is located only 2 miles from the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge and has 13 miles of marshy shorelines that provide nursery habitat for many species of fish, shrimp and crabs. Over 1,000 acres of brackish and freshwater wetland habitats provide refuge for waterfowl, wading birds and other species. The property also contains more than 2,000 acres of native coastal prairie with rare plant communities that have largely disappeared from the Texas Coastal Plain due to development.