Valuation of Conservation Easements

Event Date
May 30, 2023 – June 2, 2023
Appraisal Institute and Land Trust Alliance
Hilton Boston Logan Airport, One Hotel Drive, Boston, MA 02128
Morgan Mellette, MAI, with 40 years’ experience as a professional forester, appraiser and land surveyor
About This Event

Accurate and timely appraisals by qualified professionals are a key component of virtually all land conservation transactions. Across the country, the rate of conservation is limited by an acute shortage of qualified appraisers to conduct them. The problem will only get worse with imminent retirements and there aren’t enough new appraisers becoming licensed to replace them. As a result, conservation projects are being delayed or set aside with some landowners unwilling to wait for land trusts to complete their valuations.

The Alliance is proud to partner with the Appraisal Institute to deliver this subsidized trainings to licensed appraisers about conservation easement valuation.

If you know appraisers in your community who might be interested in attending either course, please share this event and upcoming trainings with them.

Valuation of Conservation Easements is an advanced course designed for the appraiser who understands the methodology in the approaches to value and is ready to embark on understanding the intricacies involved in one of the most misunderstood and difficult types of appraisals.

Over four days, this intensive program will familiarize participants with conservation easement valuations in a variety of situations, including conventional appraisals, appraisals that are required to comply with the Uniform Appraisal Standards of Federal Land Acquisitions, and appraisals involving non-cash charitable contributions that are required to comply with IRS standards. Learning objectives will be accomplished through a series of lectures, in-class discussions, problem-solving, homework assignments and case-law analysis.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Methodologies and techniques commonly used in valuing conservation easements.

  • State, federal and IRS regulations and requirements relating to conservation easements.

  • The range of assignments that are common in valuing conservation easements.

  • And much more.

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