Unlocking Your Local History

Jocelyn Imani, Jessa Rae Growing Thunder
A man standing with back to camera in a field holding a shovel over his shoulder looking at mountains in the distance.
About This Webinar

This event has been postponed from June 4 due to unforeseen circumstances. We will announce a new date as soon as we're able.

Join us in continuing our learning journey towards Historically and Culturally Informed Land Conservation. Our speakers Jessa Rae Growing Thunder, Ph.D., Indigenous learning exchange advisor at The Inter-American Foundation, Jocelyn Imani, Ph.D., national director of Black History and Culture at Trust for Public Land will guide land conservation staff, board members, volunteers and community partners through the intricate journey of researching local land history. Uncover practical strategies to unlock the rich tapestry of your community's history, gaining invaluable insights into the complexities of the people who have had relationships with the land on which you work. Set yourself up for success by asking the right questions and identifying the right sources of information. Elevate your understanding as our speakers share expertise on evaluating sources with humility and curiosity, empowering you to engage in historically and culturally informed land conservation effectively.

Here is a look at what we will cover:

  • Uncover practical strategies to unveil the many layers of your local community's history and why it is important for land conservation.

  • Gain insights into when and what questions to ask, based on where you are in your historical research.

  • Learn source evaluation through a lens of curiosity to ask and answer the right questions.

The cost of webinar registration is $75, but due to an anonymous funder, the registration fee has been comped for all attendees.

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