Leadership Strategies for Mid-Career Professionals

Webinar Date
April 26, 2022
Land Trust Alliance
90 minutes
About This Webinar

So many of us learn how to identify invasive species, use ArcGIS or create a rule to sort our email in Outlook early in our career, but how many of us have the time to learn leadership skills? As you’ve moved up in your career, maybe you’ve found that you know the technical parts of your job, but still struggle with people management. Join Dr. Mamie Parker as she discusses remaining stable and resilient, refining current leadership skills, equitable collaboration, coaching and open communication. Dr. Parker will also share some of her personal leadership stories and offer participants an opportunity to discuss some of their challenges and stretch goals.  

You will learn:

  • how to function more efficiently and effectively to influence and inspire others;

  • the use of influence and power, praise and recognition, self-awareness and empathy to be an effective leader; and

  • new ideas related to applying the equity lens on programs.