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Land Conservation Case Law Summaries November 2023

Posted December 13, 2022 Updated November 15, 2023
Land Trust Alliance
Robert H. Levin
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About This PDF

The purpose of Land Conservation Case Law Summaries is to provide a brief overview of land-conservation-related cases. Each summary seeks to identify the issues of the case, present the holding, and analyze the reasoning of the court. These summaries include unpublished opinions and orders. Unpublished opinions and orders often have little or no precedential effect in a court of law and in certain instances are prohibited from being cited (check rules of relevant jurisdiction to be certain). However, outside of a formal litigation context, attorneys and laypersons commonly discuss and analyze unpublished opinions and orders as examples of how courts have resolved legal issues. Thus, they are presented here for the purpose of furthering discussion among practitioners. These summaries are intended to serve as a starting point for additional research and discussion, and not as the sole or definitive source of information. Moreover, any subjective analysis or commentary expresses the views of the author, and not those of the Land Trust Alliance.