Aging Gracefully: Stewarding Easements With Dated Language

Webinar Date
February 8, 2022
Land Trust Alliance
90 minutes
About This Webinar

One of the biggest challenges facing land trusts today is stewarding easements with antiquated language. With properties transferring to successor landowners with increasing frequency and stewardship staff turning over in greater numbers, this an all-too common issue facing land trusts. Join conservation attorney Tamara Galanter, and stewardship staff Joel Cooper and Emily Parish, as they lay out common problems and sensible solutions. Filled with real life examples, this webinar is a must-attend for stewardship staff and board alike.

 Here’s a look at what we will cover:

  • typical problems with antiquated language;

  • strategies to deal with older easements, including: building strong landowner relationships, when discretionary consent/approvals are appropriate, amendment and restatement of the easement; and

  • when to draw the line and go down the litigation path.