• Taking the long view

    By Marina Schauffler February 6

    Indigenous tribes and land trusts work to build lasting collaborations.

  • Making 30x30 work

    By Tom Springer January 21

    Land trusts across the country are setting new and bigger goals as part of a global movement to increase the pace of conservation and address challenges such as climate change, loss of habitat and agricultural lands, and to ensure equitable access to the land.

  • Family ranch in Colorado wins conservation award

    By Kirsten Ferguson January 10

    For their land stewardship, the Pankey Ranch received the 2022 Colorado Leopold Conservation Award.

  • It takes a community to save a farm

    By Leslie Volkar April 21, 2021

    In 2017, Colorado Open Lands took attendees of Land Trust Alliance's Rally: The National Land Conservation Conference on a field trip north of Denver to tour a local foods co-operative. Four years later, we've finalized our first conservation easement with Poudre Valley Community Farms. The Dixon Station farm in Wellington, Colorado is now protected under easement.

  • 500 reasons to love Colorado

    By Leslie Volkar January 11, 2021

    One of Colorado's most iconic natural sights is the deep yellow glow of our autumn aspen leaves. Aspen trees share a root system with their nearby brethren, and although they might seem like separate organisms, they are truly one living thing.

  • #KeepItInMind

    By Linda Lidov June 18, 2020

    Since COVID-19 hit, trails and other open spaces have seen significant spikes in visitors as more people itch to get out of the house and head to the hills. It's great to see people enjoying our beautiful, natural outdoors! Unfortunately, the extra traffic is taking a heavy toll on our trails — in Colorado and elsewhere.

  • A time to give back

    By Kirsten Ferguson June 15, 2020

    In rapidly developing Eagle County, Colorado, the Land & Rivers Fund helps to protect rivers and open spaces. In partnership with Eagle River Watershed Council, the accredited Eagle Valley Land Trust launched the program, which is supported by local businesses and their customers, who make voluntary donations with purchases.

  • Our many happy places

    By Laura Fagen May 11, 2020

    Across the past couple weeks, we’ve celebrated the beautiful spaces that land trusts are saving in our #MyHappyPlace campaign on social media. We had 12 land trusts take over our Instagram account for the occasion and share some amazing photos and compelling stories that highlight their great work.