New conservation community dedicated to inclusion

"For far too long, we’ve known of the harm we are doing to this planet, the realities of systemically excluded communities and the continuation of the all-too-narrow definition of what it means to be outdoorsy,” says Teresa Baker in an online video for the Outdoorist Oath, a new nonprofit that believes in the power of individuals to collectively shape the future of the outdoors.

By Kirsten Ferguson April 22

A group of experienced activists and outdoor enthusiasts — Baker, José González and Pattie Gonia — recently came together to launch the intersectional and environmental group. Known as The Oath for short, the organization’s mission is to “activate the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts” by uplifting people who are typically marginalized and underrepresented in the outdoor space and expanding the vision of who can be considered an outdoorist.

“We believe individuals (you) hold the power, privilege, and opportunity to collectively shape the future of the outdoors,” The Oath founders wrote in their first Instagram post. To become a member of The Oath, sign up on the organization’s websiteto participate in a lottery to attend a free two-hour educational workshop online (or in-person, beginning this summer). After the workshop, people will be invited to sign and live out The Oath in their daily lives and be a part of an online and in-person community offering events such as group hikes, free education opportunities, policy advocacy and more.