Executive Management Team

Andrew Bowman, President & CEO

Jennifer Miller Herzog, Chief Programs Officer

Elizabeth Ward, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Chase Warden, Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Suzanne Erera, Senior Director of Development

Erin Heskett, Vice President of Conservation Initiatives

Renee Kivikko, Vice President of Education

Alliance Staff

Zoë Abrahm, Donor Relations Coordinator

Akou Akakpo, Human Resources Coordinator

Marc Anderson, Grants Manager

Jorge Astorga, Membership and Affiliate Services Manager

Lindsay Blair, Training Manager

Mary Burke, Director of Educational Services

Katie Chang, Senior Manager of Educational Services

Belle Chiu, Human Resources Program Manager

Lindsy Crutchfield, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Laura Eklov, Eastern Division Project Manager

Lori Faeth, Senior Director of Government Relations

Laura Fagen, Senior Digital Communications Manager

Madeline Fishburn, Grant Writer

Charlotte Ford, Development

Emma George, Corporate Relations Officer

Louisa Gibson, Training Associate

Darryl Greene, Senior Director of Accounting and Grants Management

Lawrence Greene, Director of Human Resources

Regan Grimmett, IT Operations Analyst

Ethan Gu, Finance Analyst

Joanne Hamilton, Northeast Program Associate

Meme Hanley, New York Senior Program Manager

Corey Himrod, Media Relations Manager

Nathan Hodge, Director of Information Technology

Katrina Howey, Grants Management Specialist

Tom Kester, ARMS Operations Manager

Forrest King-Cortes, Director of Community-Centered Conservation

Rex Linville, Eastern Division Director of Field Programs

Lisa Lauben, Coordinator, IT & Database

Kate Losey, Remote Monitoring Project Manager

Anahi Malig, Development Systems Specialist

Gabriel Martinez, ARMS Associate

Emily McCarthy, Operations Coordinator

Sarah McGraw, Administrative Director, President's Office and Board of Directors

Mindy Milby Tuttle, Director of Principal Giving

Nikki Nesbary, Manager of NRCS Programs

Diana Norris, Conservation Defense Associate Director

MaryKay O'Donnell, Midwest Senior Program Manager

Darci Palmquist, Editor

Brad Paymar, Western Division Director of Field Programs

Jennifer Plowden, New England Program Manager

Monica Poveda, Vice President of Finance

Kelly Presley, Southeast Program Manager

Leslie Ratley-Beach, Conservation Defense Director and VP/NCA of ARMS

Bethany Roberts, Senior Sponsorships Coordinator

Emy Royce, Development Marketing Manager

Robert Schwartz, Senior Government Relations Program Manager

Andrew Szwak, Mid-Atlantic Program Manager

Patty Tipson, Associate Director of Training

Alexis Thorbecke, Online Training Manager

Ailla Wasstrom-Evans, Conservation Defense Fund & Education Manager

Catherine Waterston, Western Division Project Manager

Kelly Watkinson, Land and Climate Program Manager

Andy Weaver, Senior Information Technology Manager

Chelsea Welch, Energy and Climate Policy Advisor

Owen Wozniak, Land Transactions Program Manager